Thursday, 25 June 2009

A tribute to the man "Hedi Slimane"

Hedi Slimane (top picture) is a DESIGNER, period! I will not sum up his complete biography, but I will give you the insight on why I think he is the man.

Hedi is mostly known for the work he did with the men’s fashion at Dior Homme. Before he came, (Christian) Dior was just a dusty brand with lots of heritage, but was in desperate need of a designer that appealed to the youngsters.

Hedi breathed new life into the brand and with him taking over as Creative Director ushered in a few trends in men’s fashion that are still very alive today. The most recognisable would be the very slim cut garments and the young and slim models that boosted his designs down the runway. Hedi believed that muscles didn’t characterize masculinity, and used his catwalk shows to prove it. Even famous women were seen wearing his designs and designer Karl Lagerfeld (Chanel) went on an extreme diet to fit into Dior Homme slim suits.

Next to being an awarded (CFDA International Designer of the Year) fashion designer, Hedi also designed the Dior Homme stores himself, did all the Dior Homme graphic designs and photographed the Dior Homme campaigns. It went as far as to the point that he went to scout his own models in the streets of London and Berlin.

After he stopped working at Dior Homme, he dedicated himself to photography and film, because he wanted nothing to do with fashion anymore. His latest work includes very intimate pictures of Kate Moss and Lindsay Lohan.

Basically Hedi Slimane is the man!

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