Friday, 15 February 2013

Danish Snow Boots

My colleague Fabianne was wearing these cool Hornbaek snow boots she picked up in Scandinavia.

Our Legacy First Cut

Our Legacy First Cut. Made in Italy, with raw 12.5 oz Japanese selvage denim (100% cotton)- our all new jeans feature bar tacked back pockets and exposed rivets on front. White drum skin backtag and front cottonloop are made to be removed or kept depending on preference.

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Glass sports flooring

Forget everything you know about sports flooring. ASB GlassFloor is here to revolutionize the floor of most indoor sports. Made from glass, ceramic, and aluminum, the GlassFloor features a colored foil on the bottom that gives it its hue while keeping the tint from wearing off. But the big deal is the glass' transparency, which makes it possible to install LED marking lines under the surface that can be turned on and off at will, making it impossibly easy to transition from basketball to volleyball — or nearly any other indoor sport — while keeping the floor clean of unwanted markings.

Best Made Company

In short: Best Made Company produces some good shit!

What 41 dollars can get you.

Original 1960's Levi's Big E Trucker jacket. Ok, you do have to search your ass off to find deals like this, but when you do it's like winning the lottery. People that are in the know can confirm that this jacket is worth at least the amount I paid times ten.