Monday, 30 May 2011

Original Coca–Cola Hutchinson bottle

via Selfridges.

Icons of Men's Style

by Josh Sims

Vintage Denim Engineer Jacket

So I know this little shop on Ebay, it's a vintage dealer from Thailand and has tons of nice vintage workwear like this denim engineer jacket, which they sell at incredibly low prices (bought this for 25 euro). It's my little secret, but will be happy to share (unless you have the same size ha ha). Just ask me.

Sperry Top Sider Suede Peanut

Nice for summer. Got a sweet deal on these. Here.

Friday, 20 May 2011

Friday, 6 May 2011

R by 45RPM

R by 45RPM Canvas Hunting Jacket.


Ok, so I got this nice shirt/jacket from Acne based on authentic workwear. In the beginning I thought the colour was a navy type blue, but it turns out it is a very dark purple. I am still ok with it, because being based on workwear it's still a rugged looking piece, which can handle a bit of colour.

Monday, 2 May 2011

Canvas Lunch Bag

Artifact Bag Co. - No. 215

Levi's Big E (original, not repro!)

As always I was looking around on Ebay and came across this pair. It's the most beautiful original pair I've seen. Mind you, the fading are not factory made, but worn over time, same for the damages and repairs. There are a few tell tale signs that show authenticity, like the v-stitch near the top button.

as always, beauty comes with a price tag: Ebay.


Sunday, 1 May 2011

Selvedge paisley pocket square

Real deal antique fabric. Not 'vintage look' repro.

Handcrafted pocket square made from pristine, authentic late 19th century lightweight cotton, challis-like twill. Small scale paisley pattern in muted rust w/ earthy brown & off-white.

A soft fabric, it was found rambling the back roads of Ohio farm country. Such fabrics are scarcer than hen's teeth anymore.

Very narrow loomed late 1800s fabric (~27"w), most likely mfg. in one of the New England textile mills in their heyday.

Selvedge on one side. Time/labor intensive narrow hand rolled hem w/ off-white, high thread count ecru top stitching on other three sides. U.S.A. made deadstock vintage cotton twill tape tag.

via Etsy

Kenton Sorenson Dopp Kit

via Context.