Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Can you feel the love that went into the packaging?

Rivieras Leisure Shoes

Rivieras is
The shoe worn on Spain’s celebrated
Costa Blanca in the years just after the war.
Faithfully redesigned
to keep its distinctive « Fifties » look.
Today this classic leisure shoe
is worn in the city, on the seaside,
on deck, in sun or shade, night or day.

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Navy Cotton Boilersuit

From Topman, now in the 50% summer sale. I think it's very cool, but do I have the guts to wear it? yes!

The summer has a positive effect on my view

For Amsterdam standards at least, this is a pretty nice view to have from your balcony or dinner table. It's nothing compared to the house I visited last friday, where the guy had a rooftop terras overlooking the entire city of Amsterdam, but the view I have will do for now.

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

The Hill-side Pocket Square + Scarf

Lightweight scarf and pocket square made of selvedge chambray from Kojima, Japan.

Abici Bicycles

Abici Bicycles

Sorry Guys...

I really was planning to take all these pictures from stylish people and nice things I saw at the Pitti, but honestly I was working all the time and literally almost did not have time to eat (you can tell from the picture that I am very tired). It was a super nice experience though and in the end I was pleased with the end result.

For the style pics you check out the Sartorialist.

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Ready for Pitti

I know what you're thinking... That's a lot of luggage for only a couple of days, but the first trolley is full of special garment samples to display at Pitti.

Asos Socks [new colours]

And of course I had to add them to my already quite colourful collection.

The Burger Bar, Amsterdam

Choices, choices and more choices. I go to the Burger Bar quite a lot, they do a very good burger, not like that shit they serve at MD or BK. The only downside is that you can be the architect of your own burger from bun, to meat and topping. I say downside, because it takes forever. I thought a burger was supposed to be fastfood.

Saturday, 12 June 2010

David Yurman's designer "Evan Yurman"

David Yurman

Ok, I will be honest; I am not a big fan of jewelry for men. I will wear a watch and that's it, but... David Yurman does some nice pieces that might change my perception about the subject.

Hotel de Goudfazant, Amsterdam

Ok, It's a bit of a strange name, because it's only a restaurant and not a hotel. And the name is not the only thing that is strange. You sit down to eat your dinner and next to you are cars, a ping pong table or boxing sack. Anyway I was having dinner there tonight and took some pictures for you to see.