Thursday, 25 June 2009

A tribute to the man "Hedi Slimane"

Hedi Slimane (top picture) is a DESIGNER, period! I will not sum up his complete biography, but I will give you the insight on why I think he is the man.

Hedi is mostly known for the work he did with the men’s fashion at Dior Homme. Before he came, (Christian) Dior was just a dusty brand with lots of heritage, but was in desperate need of a designer that appealed to the youngsters.

Hedi breathed new life into the brand and with him taking over as Creative Director ushered in a few trends in men’s fashion that are still very alive today. The most recognisable would be the very slim cut garments and the young and slim models that boosted his designs down the runway. Hedi believed that muscles didn’t characterize masculinity, and used his catwalk shows to prove it. Even famous women were seen wearing his designs and designer Karl Lagerfeld (Chanel) went on an extreme diet to fit into Dior Homme slim suits.

Next to being an awarded (CFDA International Designer of the Year) fashion designer, Hedi also designed the Dior Homme stores himself, did all the Dior Homme graphic designs and photographed the Dior Homme campaigns. It went as far as to the point that he went to scout his own models in the streets of London and Berlin.

After he stopped working at Dior Homme, he dedicated himself to photography and film, because he wanted nothing to do with fashion anymore. His latest work includes very intimate pictures of Kate Moss and Lindsay Lohan.

Basically Hedi Slimane is the man!

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Death from above "Instrument BR01 Airborne"

The BR 01 Airborne is an anthem to the extraordinary saga of military paratroopers. This new watch is a tribute to those brave young men who fought in one of the toughest army corps, particularly the US Airborne divisions.

The Airborne divisions were born during the Second World War. They were the first to be exposed to danger and the first ones to face death. Their most famous motto was “Death from Above” symbolised by a skull that was a reminder to them of both their power and vulnerability.

Since then, the symbol has spread to other military regiments. It is often embossed on uniforms patches or on fighter planes. The skull is a constant reminder of the omnipresence of death on each military mission. By wearing the skull, the soldiers are attempting to both defy death and intimidate the enemy.

The BR 01 Airborne reinvents the notion of the talisman, and personifies the very spirit of these outstanding men. It is a genuine tribute to the noblest of military values as well as to the bravery of soldiers who face death on a daily basis to defend their country.

Size does matter "oversized blazer on a girl"

Girls, another thing you can steal from your man's closet: his blazer. My girlfriend already found my slim double breasted blazer (last picture). I know that I am a bit late with this tip, but this blog is not always about being the first, but more about picking the nice things from the lot.

Oh yes, little styling tip: roll up the sleeves (sorry about the bad picture, took it with a phone).

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Help me to save khaki! "Acne Expedition"

Don't tell me you like to sweat in those dark denims all summer long. Try a set of khakis as a nice break from denim. Opposite to wearing denims very loose, it's ok to wear your khakis loose. I also prefer to wear them a bit shorter than usual.

P.s. I also like khaki pants on girls.

Monday, 1 June 2009


Ding dong; round one, fight!

The Ray Ban Wayfarer sunglasses can be listed as the moments most loved sunglasses. Seems like they’re everywhere from young Hollywood stars to your local wannabe.
But now from far left we’ve got a contender stepping into the arena.

Remember the eighties when it seemed like everyone wore the Oakley sunglasses?
Well Oakley has brought the oldskool Frogskins back but only in limited quantities. The release of these classics comes in four different colours with grey or ruby iridium lenses. In addition, the turquoise sunglasses come with white interchangeable arms (pictured above).

Already seen on a few celebrities, we can see that it has real potential. What sets this Oakley frogskins apart is that it also appeals to an alternative crowd like the surfers, skaters etc.

So if you need a change from your Wayfarers…