Tuesday, 29 September 2009


Vintage military issued watches with nylon strap. Look hard and you will find.

Saturday, 26 September 2009

Sometimes beauty comes cheap "SUEDE CREASED GIBSON SHOES"

Want to get nice shoes, but don't want to break the bank? Than Topman would be a good alternative for you to check out. They don't have nice stuff all the time, but when your lucky (like I was with the shoes in the pics) you can get a nice bargain.

Brown suede creased Gibson Shoe 100% Leather.

Monday, 21 September 2009

What's old today is new tomorrow "Pastoe"

Vintage Pastoe furniture.

I am curious about this movie "The Cove"

I already read a lot about this movie and I am quite curious to see if it meets my expectations. The movie has won a bunch of film awards like the prestigious Sundance. Basically this is what the story is about;

On the southern coast of Japan, a town has a well-guarded secret: they trap dolphins and quite simply kill them. Why? Flipper trainer O' Barry and his companions allege a government conspiracy telling the fishermen dolphins are pests. They tell the International Whaling Commission dolphins (and whales) are too plentiful, eating the fish, which would be used for people. A team is assembled that tries to film these horrible events that take place in "the cove".

Check out the trailer here.

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Finally arrived from Italy "Eastpak/Raf Simons"

Took some time to get here, but definitely worth the wait. I am curious to see if the denim will fade like a jeans does. I guess there is only one way to find out...

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

This is where I get my bespoke handmade jackets "Brooklyn Tailors"

Need a nice bespoke handmade jacket or suit? This is where you get it:
Brooklyn Tailors.

Brooklyn Tailors is home to a collection of products built out of an appreciation for handmade quality, authentic materials, and a pride in small, local and artisinal production.

Each item
Brooklyn Tailors produces is designed and made entirely in their own Brooklyn workshop, one at a time, by a small team of craftspeople, affording them a unique and increasingly rare level of control over the quality of their products and the personal service that they are able to provide.

I have bought a few jackets from them and they were always top notch!


Saturday, 5 September 2009

My new arrivals "Oakley Frogskins"

Remember the eighties when it seemed like everyone wore the Oakley sunglasses? Well Oakley has brought the oldskool Frogskins back but only in limited quantities (3000 pieces per colour). The release of these classics comes in four different colours with grey or ruby iridium lenses. In addition, the turquoise sunglasses come with white interchangeable arms.

I got the rootbeer colour with bronze lenses. Basically sold out everywhere.

My new arrivals "Vans Mid Skool 77"

Having been introduced via a collaboration last summer with Classic Kicks , little has emanated out of the Mid Skool ‘77 model as the OG classic makes a return in some simple basics. The taller brother of the Old Skool, the shoe features many of the same traits and toebox characteristics. Monotone suede uppers with white details are part of these newest releases which include brown, green and blue.

Friday, 4 September 2009

My new arrivals "Analog Combat Sushi"

Over the coming week I will be posting some of the stuff that I just recently found and bought. Some of the stuff is limited other stuff is just plain cool.

These are Combat Sushi boardshorts by Analog. Arrigato domo in these bad boys! They even come with a set of Analog Chopsticks.

Inspiring moment in a movie "Woody Harrelson"


The movie I'm talking about is Indecent Proposal. The inspiring moment is when David -played by Woody Harrelson- teaches a class about architecture and gives a lecture about a brick. You just watch the youtube clip underneath and tell me your not inspired...

Whenever I see this clip, it makes me want to design or build something.

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

The surfboard wizard "Al Merrick"

This is the man that shapes the surfboards of 9 times world champion - Kelly Slater.

Since 1969, Channel Islands Surfboards has been dedicated to performance and quality through hard work, innovation, and originality. Over the last 38 years, Channel Islands has grown from a local grass-roots operation to a cutting edge organization, catering to the best surfers in the world.

"The driving force behind Channel Islands Surfboards is the demand on design created by the world's greatest surfers, allowing for the highest performance surfing possible. To provide the most dedicated surfers with the most advanced, performance designs is my passion" - Al Merrick, Designer/Shaper

picture 1_Al working his magic picture 2_the Channel Islands M13. This is the board that I'm saving money for, it will ride any wave from small to double overhead waves. Perfect allround surfboard.

Japan's best kept secret "Denime jeans brand"

Everybody knows that jeans were given birth in America, but America has neglected to uphold there legacy and nowadays the best jeans are simply made and perfected in Japan. One of the best, but also one of the least known brands is Denime.

Denime Jeans started back in 1988 as a vintage Japanese denim brand. The Denime brand name is inspired by French origins and is taken from Serge de Nimes the ancient textile centre and reputed “Atlantas” of the denim world. Whatever the history of denim (a controversial topic if ever there was one!), Denime Jeans and other clothing, including Shirts Shorts Sweats Denim Jackets and Tees, is another Japanese gem waiting to be plucked and plundered by the West.

The following styles are all worth a gander: Denime 66 VintageTYPE — Denime XX VintageTYPE — Denime New S VintageTYPE.

And another book "Denim Indigo Master"

But with this second japanese book arriving, I really started to wonder; how am I fucking gonna read it?