Monday, 30 March 2009

Men's swimwear "Tsubi Dangerous Short"

Guys, I know how hard it is to find good swimwear as a man, especially something that is cool. Therefore I am here to help. First we establish some ground rules: as a man you can't wear over the knee boardshorts if

A) you are not a surfer
B) you are over 30

If A or B applies to you, you will have to find something else to hit the beach in. Basically the main thing is to keep it above the knee. It can still be a short, don't get me wrong, I'm not saying you should wear speedos, but just show a bit of skin. second thing is to pay attention to colour and/or pattern. (when I'm not surfing) I wear these shorter shorts from Tsubi (australian brand), I don't feel like a nerd, because the artwork on these is sick.

funny thing: on the inside label it says,

If I were a human i'd be
made in heaven.
If I were an animal i'd be
made in Africa.
If I were this thing i'd be

Sunday, 29 March 2009

My vintage sofa "Artifort design by Kho Liang"

Vintage sofa from Artifort design by Kho Liang. This was a real bargain. Do you like it?

Monday, 23 March 2009

New denim shirt "Acne jeans Bill"

Just bought my new bleached denim shirt. Because it's bleached it's perfect for summer. I'll wear it with my kaki's or my raw denims.

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Summer 2009 "transparent sunglass frames"

The next big thing for sunglasses this 2009 summer is transparent sunglass frames. The sunglasses featured in the picture above are from "Oliver Peoples". You don't have to believe me, but don't complain if you're the last one to own a pair...

Boyfriend jeans "Acne Jeans Generic Girl"

Another one for the girls.

Make sure that you have at least one boyfriend jean in your closet this summer. Buy it one size bigger than you normally do, and it will look perfect. Be sure to combine it with an accessory or shoes that are a bit more feminine. If you are short on cash this month, just steal a jean out of your man's closet.

Men's watch on a girl "Montblanc Timewalker"

Here's one for the girls.

They've been doing it for a long time, but to me it's still cool. Girls who wear a men's watch. Be aware, this is only cool if you select the right one, like this Montblanc Timewalker.

Magazine "Free & Easy"

Once I read on another blog (The Sartorialist) that they had this amazing magazine in Japan called Free & Easy. This magazine specializes in authentic and rugged items, which can be clothing, watches or shoes. Turns out that a lot of the great denim designers read this magazine for inspiration. It sparked my curiosity and made me call our sales office in Japan if they could bring me one on their next visit. They actually bought me a few...

Snowboard helmet "Nutcase"

Laura's mother lives in Munich, Germany, there we came across this brand, which makes these cool snowboard helmets. The brand is called Nutcase and their slogan is "protect your brain". You should check out the diversity of graphics they put on their helmets. And for everyone who thinks snowboarding with a helmet is for losers, just try a new trick without one....

Pop-up market "Artmarket Amsterdam"

On the 1st of March I went to the first edition of Artmarket Amsterdam, which is a pop-up market with real diversity. You can find eclectic things there like weird food, customized clothing or just a guy repairing toy robots. It was hosted in one of the buildings on the Spuistraat in Amsterdam (you know, where the squatters "krakers" are). They are currently planning the next one, check out;

My classics "Converse All Star"

Paying respect to the classics is always a cool thing to do. Especially these plimsoles are perfect for doing so. You can wear them regardless what age you are or from what social environment you come from. Dress them up with slacks or go for that dirty look and combine them with faded jeans.

Saturday, 21 March 2009

Glasses? "Effector-eyewear"

Forget about Tom Ford eyewear. If you want to be really cool you will need to find you a pair of these; handmade Fuzz-S Limited Editions from Effector. Too bad that my eyes are perfect...

Worn jeans "A.P.C. butler worn out series"

A.P.C. is a french brand who makes a very good jean from japanese selvage denim. In stead of using sand paper and grinders on their jeans to get that fabricated worn look, they've decided to let actual people wear the jeans for a few months before they sell them. This way you can buy the best worn out jean, without having to break them in yourself.

Snowboard "Burton Uninc 154"

What makes this board cool is that it was developed by Burton's pro-riders. They were given carte-blanche to do whatever they liked. This resulted in a top of the line snowboard with the best graphics I've ever seen on a snowboard. I tested it twice this winter and I can tell you; it meets the expectations.

Cold or Cool is basically the same thing "Bosch Classic Edition"

This one is literally cool. Bosch used to actually make these old school fridges in the past. what they did now is give it an update to make it environmentally friendly. And NO, I don't think Smeg is cooler.

P.s. it was heavy as a motherf!@£$%

Thanks Robert-Paul for carrying it up the stairs.

Black gold "Pavoni & Siemens by Porsche"

I am addicted to coffee, so I need a good coffee maker. I hear you thinking "why two", because the Pavoni looks good, but is a pain in the ass to operate. My back-up is the Siemens by Porsche design, it still looks good and is also practical in use.

(just bought) My winter parka "Acne Matteo"

Everybody who knows me, knows that I love the brand Acne (Ambition to Create Novel Expressions). This new winter parka is everything that I wish for in a coat. It keeps you warm whilst making you look cool.

(soon to be mine) "Nike Jordan 3"

When I was younger I played a lot of basketball (although I am only 1,73m). Therefore Michael Jordan is like a magnet to me. I am hunting for these sneakers in the original colour setting that you see in the pictures. The problem is that they are highly collectable and even when you find them, they cost a shit load of money. Maybe I will have to sell my kidney, but sooner or later they will be mine...

Pastoe by Cees Braakman

A woman needs to keep her make-up somewhere, so why not in this vintage sewing cabinet. It is super practical, as it has all these different compartments.

Chair fetish "vintage Eames & vintage Gispen"

I (and Laura) had to look long and hard to find these collectable chairs. I won't give you all my hunting secrets, but I can tell you that the two Eames Rocking chairs came from an old grandma in Friesland (north of Holland), who stashed them in the attic....

My watch "Bell & Ross BR 03-92"

This is my BR 03-92. I love that it is really basic and has a rugged feel to it.

The inspiration for these watches comes from the clocks in the cockpit of fighter jets. Tell me that isn't cool....